National Conference 2024 Workshops

We’re slowly adding in more details as they are confirmed.

Tuesday 4:15pm Workshops

Dan FordScott Curtis

How do you work towards outcomes with teams without letting that global goal cloud out your pastoral care of the very people you serve with? Scott and Dan will speak to the importance and some ‘hows’ of paying attention to the spiritual health of our teams, team leaders, and team memb...

Mandy CurleyMike Allen

In Community – helping people move from gatherings to all of life: We don’t want just Sunday Christians. If our church gatherings are to be an overflow of our people’s private life of prayer, praise and thanksgiving, what are we doing at our gatherings that might prevent this? And if our ga...

Paul Young

Do your gatherings bleed Bible? Are you making the most of your regular gatherings to be deep in the Word? How do we be intentional about getting our people deep in the word through singing, prayer, preaching, and its overflow into our weeks and lives. We will use the Providence churches in Perth...

Dave Keun

Think through ways to get mission firing utilising the whole church ecosystem. Learn from some of the mistakes and wins from Kellyville Anglican Church in Sydney’s northwest.

Wednesday 2 pm Workshops

Rowan Hilsden

How to plan services with transcendence, intentionality, authenticity, biblical and emotional depth that under God actually change people. This practical seminar will help you think with gospel-shaped intentionality about how we edify one another in our gatherings. We will look at the arc of t...

Richard Sweatman

Personal Bible reading and prayer seem to be the first things squeezed out in the busy life of a pastor. But that doesn’t seem right, does it? Come and reflect on why a pastor’s devotional life matters. Be equipped with practical strategies and a plan for expanding this vital componen...

Des SmithToby Neal

Most of us have preached a bit before going into vocational ministry, but there’s a world of difference between preaching occasionally and preaching regularly. As a result, many of us struggle in our first five years. What are some of the pitfalls in this period? How can we improve?

Wednesday 4:15 pm Workshops

Sandy Galea

When Jesus was asked what is of most importance, he replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” This seminar will explore how we grow young disciples to love all of God with all that they have.

Karl Deenick

We all believe prayer is important to the Christian life and to the life of the church. But often we struggle. Our lives and our churches can easily end up prayerless. So how can we grow as ministry workers who pray? And how can we grow our churches to be communities of prayer?

Kevin Stepniewski

Most Christians know they should be reading the Bible more regularly but struggle to put things into practice. Our sermons appropriately teach the importance of listening to God through his Word but, if we’re honest, how often do our people actually read the Bible? At St George North, we have bee...

Andrew HayesTrevor Hodge

We all long and pray for our church services to be overflowing with people coming to know Jesus and growing together in him.  But growth in numbers and scale brings its own particular opportunities and challenges as we seek to magnify God, shepherd his people and present the hope and joy we have ...

Alanna GloverLuke Fotheringham