We're a grassroots Australian network

By the grace of God and through the collective wisdom of church leaders around the country, we’re increasingly seeing churches become healthy, evangelistic and multiplying. And we’re seeing people saved. Built on the Word of God, fuelled by prayer and the Spirit, we share and work together as the body of Christ.

New churches that reach new people

If we’re going to reach Australia with the gospel, we need to see hundreds of new churches started. We’ve seen more than 120 churches planted across our network over the past 10 years and under God, we’re driving towards 200 more by 2030.

Established churches that are healthy & growing

We’re a network of established churches thinking deeply about how to see churches thrive and multiply. We facilitate a  Leadership Development Program that includes coaching, church consults and training intensives for church leaders and their teams. 

The history of the network

Geneva Push

Reach Australia began as Geneva Push, a network that aimed to inspire, equip and unleash a new generation of church planters. Under God, the network supported the launching of over 100 church plants.

The network kicked off in 2009 with a small conference at Collaroy of 80 people. Importantly,  12 potential planters and planting couples were  assessed for church planting.

The vision was to see the lost reached across Australia – church plants ‘evangelised into existence.’ The goal was seeing healthy, sustainable, evangelistic plants, led by healthy leaders.

The network invested in three areas:  First, a rigorous assessment process to ensure the right people planted for the right reasons in the right areas – and that they (and their marriages and families) were healthy while they did it. Second, training and peer-connections that help planters launch healthy churches.  Third, planters (husbands and wives) supported during those first few planting years with coaching, and then supporting the next generation coming through.

A key part of this was the annual conference, Multiply, that helped raise the temperature for church planting, connect planters (and potential planters) with each other, and drive forward the vision.

Reach Australia

Heading into 2018, it was clear that to reach Australia with the gospel, the network needed to not only plant churches, but work with established churches, partnering with them to become more evangelistically urgent, spiritually vibrant, theologically driven and practically skilled  as together we seek to Reach Australia for Christ.

Geneva Push joined with like-minded parachurch organisations (Oilstone, EV Team Pastoring, VineGrowers) and Reach Australia was born – a network with the vision of seeing thousands of healthy, evangelistic, multiplying churches (new plants and established churches) across Australia.

As part of this new work National Conference kicked off, and a two year Leadership Development Program for established church leaders was created, which included one-to-one coaching, on the ground church consultations, and a growing peer-network committed to reaching Australia together.

The fruit

Reach Australia has seen an impact on the churches engaged in the network. Leaders have been increasingly equipped with a bigger vision for sharing the gospel, new leadership skills and insights, better frameworks of thinking to support change and growth, and the support of generous partners praying for them, enabling them to humbly but confidently step out and make change.

The Reach Australia National Conference has been growing each year with more churches joining the network. In 2023, 1,100 church leaders and their teams were gathered together. Over 125 churches have been planted across the network over the past 10 years. Ultimately, the biggest fruit has been lives won to Jesus. Through the 260+ churches in the network there have been thousands of new converts and the revitalisation of churches across Australia.

The future

Our vision is to see thousands of healthy, evangelistic, multiplying churches across our culturally diverse country. Our goals are to see 300 new churches planted by 2030 and to support 750+ healthy, evangelistic and multiplying churches.

There continues to be a great need for church planting in Australia. New churches are needed in places where there aren’t churches, but also in places where there are churches for there are so many people to reach.

There is also great need for existing churches to grow in health and effectiveness. Reach Australia is committed to working to support existing churches in becoming more effective at reaching the lost. The aim is to see many leaders each year regularly engaging with personal leadership development and coaching with the hope of seeing evangelistic growth through the churches they have the enormous privilege of serving.

Pray for the network and our shared vision of seeing thousands of healthy, evangelistic, multiplying churches across Australia.