Partner with women in ministry

If we want to see Australia reached for Christ, we need all hands on deck, both women and men, fully mobilised and equipped for leadership. Women face unique challenges in their roles. Will you partner with us to support women as they seek first the kingdom in their ministry?

Partner with us to support
women in ministry

If we want to see Australia reached for Christ, we need all hands on deck, both women and men, fully mobilised and equipped for leadership. Women face unique challenges in their roles. Will you partner with us to support them?

What's the vision for
women in ministry?

We have 3 key outcomes we’re working towards:

  • An increasing number of growing, godly and joyful female leaders in churches across the country
  • A longer, stronger leadership pipeline for women – with more on-ramps at different life stages, examples of diverse roles, tailored equipping and support to thrive for the long term
  • Genuine partnerships between men and women that reflect the biblical vision – with everyone bringing their different perspectives, strengths and experience within healthy teams.

God uses his people to provide for his kingdom work. 

We thank God for you, in your faithful and generous partnership. We’re working and praying with you to see more women raised up and more people in a saving relationship with Jesus. 

Give to support women in ministry

By giving, you provide training, coaching, and resourcing for women in ministry. To properly express God’s design for men and women, we need their voices included across levels of leadership in churches. Your generosity helps men and women in church teams work together better so that women can be mobilised in ministry to work, serve and lead in their churches. With your help, we can see more joyful and valued female leaders in churches across the country. Will you give today?

  • $25 helps curate resources to equip women for their ministry.
  • $80 helps provide podcasts that are by women and for women in ministry to help them address tricky situations.
  • $150 helps to provide coaching for a woman in ministry to help her grow and develop as a leader.
  • $1,000 helps fund support, training and refreshment for a pastor’s wife through a time away.
  • $5,500 provides a year of training and development for men and women in a team development program so that they learn how to work better together in their ministry.

What are the challenges women in ministry face?

  • Undermined personal confidence
  • Juggling ministry with life and family
  • Higher rates of ministry burnout
  • Unrealistic role descriptions and pastoral care loads
  • Being the minority or only woman on a team
  • Challenging team dynamics
  • Awkward and discouraging comments
  • Lack of diverse role models
  • Others questioning women’s roles in the church
  • Unclear leadership development pathways
  • Lack of on-ramps to the leadership pipeline
  • Significant questions about the cost of theological education and future opportunities  available to women

How are we addressing those challenges?

How are we addressing those challenges?

A quarterly Women in Leadership update – This quarterly update already has almost 400 regular subscribers reaching women across the country with profiles of women in key leadership roles, a Goodie Box of key resources and tailored leadership tools. 

Equipping men and women together through team development training for those in ministry teams – 

Our focus is on building healthy teams and developing effective church leaders, as we see whole church teams working together to make mature disciples of Jesus in increasing numbers. The program combines cohort intensives, coaching, and a proven curriculum.

Coaching to support women as they wrestle through difficult dynamics in ministry – 

We’re building a national women’s coaching network. This monthly one-on-one coaching is for women in church leadership roles to reflect, have accountability and grow. 

Women in Leadership Podcast –

Drawing on the godly wisdom from Christian women in and around ministry, this podcast draws together voices from around Australia as they discuss some key challenges women in ministry face in churches today. 

Supporting ministry wives – 

Many women come to the role of pastor’s wife with great hesitations, challenges, questions and struggle with imposter syndrome. In considering their work, family and ministry through times away together, we want pastor’s wives to appreciate their God-given role and know how to make the most of where God has placed them.

Become a Women in Leadership Patron

A Women in Leadership Patron is someone passionate about seeing more churches equipping and enabling women in ministry and wants to partner more deeply with this ministry. It looks like:

  • supporting women in ministry by thinking creatively and giving generously as you consider holistically: what can I give to support women in ministry? 

  • en-couraging women in ministry by praying for them and being a voice that gives courage and support where possible.

  • championing women in ministry by advocating for them and inviting others to join in.


If you are interested in being a Women in Leadership Patron or finding out more, please get in touch with Natasha at [email protected].

Partner with us by praying

Every Wednesday at midday we pray for churches and church leaders around Australia. Join 130+ people in our Whatsapp group getting prayer updates on how God is working powerfully.

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