Devotional Life of Church Members

Most Christians know they should be reading the Bible more regularly but struggle to put things into practice. Our sermons appropriately teach the importance of listening to God through his Word but, if we’re honest, how often do our people actually read the Bible? At St George North, we have been developing a project called the “40 Day Habit Challenge”. The goal is to encourage Christians to build a long-lasting habit of reading the Bible every day as well as making progress in other areas of their lives. We have seen the cumulative effect of these habits and the massive difference they have made in the spiritual lives of our people. Come and hear about what has worked (and failed) at our church and consider how you might equip your people to build more effective habits for the glory of God.

Kevin Stepniewski

St George North Anglican Church: Children’s Minister Kevin serves as an Assistant Minister at St George North Anglican. His main focus is leading the children’s ministry but has a hand in many other aspects of our church. He loves working with volunteers, building overly-complicated spreadsheets and bushwalking – usually against the wishes of his kids. Kevin is married to Amy and they have three children in primary/high school.