Team Development Program

Join us on a two year journey to develop your leadership and your church team with two cohort intensives, coaching and a proven curriculum.

Healthy churches need
healthy teams

Church teams working towards the same goal, valuing each other’s perspectives and gifts. Having the tools needed to build trust and collaboration, and to work through healthy conflict effectively. Senior leaders need a team that has captured the gospel vision and is with them as they work together.

Growing a healthy, evangelistic, multiplying church is a team effort. We walk with you to provide the tools and encouragement to make a healthy church a reality in your specific context. We long to see Australia won for Jesus through local churches.

Why do the program?

A culture of disciple-making
Build a culture of disciple-making throughout your church in every aspect of your team and ministry.

Fruitful gospel leadership
Grow to become theologically driven, evangelistically urgent, spiritually vibrant and practically skilled, through leading yourself, through others and leading within a team.

Healthy ministry teams
Be a team of men and women working effectively towards the same goal with deep theological alignment. Have healthy, trust-based relationships and develop good rhythms to build organisation health.

A multiplication mindset
Raise up the next generation of leaders by building a leadership pipeline in your church. Get supported and equipped to start a new congregation, campus or church.

Intensive 1: Leading yourself

The learning model

Theologically driven proven content, expert facilitators, practical skills and tools for leading yourself and your ministry.

A man and a woman talking at the Reach Australia National Conference 2023

Monthly coaching sessions from trained ministry coaches.

Learn from a cohort of peers from various denominations and contexts across Australia.

"As a result, we've been investing time on those important non-urgent things that always seem to get left by the wayside. It's helped us to be sharper, together, and more focused."

Dave Keun
Senior Pastor at Kellyville Anglican Church

A great time to think deliberately about how to be a good team member, take responsibility for your ministry and life as a team member, learn some new tools, and sharpen some others. And doing this with other people in positions like you.

Dan Gorton
Cross & Crown Gold Coast

It lays good Biblical foundations for the work we are doing, provides great strategic input into how we can function in teams in order to see kingdom growth, and it is awesome to hang out with a group of ministry-oriented men and women for the week. Highly recommend!

Amy Townsend
Grace City Church Sydney

I've taken lots of questions away about my current practices and plans - I have a strong desire to bring some clarity to these areas and will be working at it.

Suellen Milham
Orange Evangelical Church

Had a helpful balance of identifying areas I need to be growing as a leader but also remembering that I am a child of God, all the ways my identity is in Jesus. It would have been easy to be burdened and weighed down...but I wasn’t!

Jess Sheely
Scots Presbyterian Church Sydney

So often we're aware of deficits in our ministries or a lack of personal skilfulness. This is an active way to address these issues, while also clarifying how I can serve Jesus with greater effectiveness.

Jo Clark
Hunter Bible Church Newcastle

It was a significant time to have our whole team there, with all the combined working hours of three days. We needed it to be worthwhile for our team. But it’s been so helpful, engaging and stimulating – for me personally, for also for our team. It’s been a chance for our team to sit in the same room, hear the same content, and then wrestle with that within our specific context.


The program is a big expense of both time and money, but it was worth it. It’s been one of the best ways we’ve invested in the future of our team. It ensured we had unity in the language we use.


If you’re actually committed to leading a team – a team that’s committed to doing things better, longing to see the kingdom go forward, wanting renewal, wanting refreshment – then this is probably the best thing I’ve seen out there. You will see the fruit coming out of this.

Pete Stedman
Senior Minister at Norwest Anglican Church Sydney

Two pathways to choose from

Stream 1 - Ministry Leaders

Join a cohort of key ministry leaders from around Australia, refining one another as you discuss and apply the content together. Suitable for associate pastors, ministry directors and other key ministry staff.

2024 Sydney key dates
Registration closes: 11 October 2024
First intensive: 11-14 November 2024
Second intensive: 8-11 September 2025
Cohort hosts: Jo Gibbs and Grahame Fuller

$3,500 + GST per year
All meals, accommodation and resources are included in the program cost. Travel costs in relation to the intensive program are not included.

Stream 2 - Teams

Senior pastors bring their whole team along to learn together and apply the content within their specific context. This can include high level volunteers and elders.

2024 Sydney key dates
Registration closes: 20 September 2024
First intensive: 22-24 October 2024
Second intensive: 19-21 August 2025
Cohort hosts: Peter Blanch and Jo Gibbs

2024 Brisbane key dates
Registration closes: 20 February 2025
First intensive: 25-27 March 2025
Cohort host: Peter Blanch

$3,500 + GST per church base cost per year
$250 + GST per person per year
All meals and resources are included in the program cost. Travel costs and accommodation in relation to the intensive program are not included.

Take the next step

Got questions?

Stream 1 is designed for anyone leading a significant ministry in their church both men and women – associate pastors, ministry directors, and other key ministry staff.

Stream 2 is designed for senior pastors with their whole ministry team.

The program works in conjunction with the Leadership Development Program for senior leaders. With a primary focus on supporting the senior leader, it makes sense to be familiar with our frameworks and to have already started to implement them in your contexts. If your senior leader is a participant (past or present) in the Leadership Development Program we encourage you to apply. If they’re not, we encourage you to still reach out to us and have a chat about how the program might work for you.

We’re committed to supporting and equipping churches in regional areas. We’d love to run Stream 2 for Teams in regional centres in the future. Please reach out to us if you’re part of a group of churches that might be willing to host Stream 2.

The leaders of churches are key to the vibrancy of the church in Australia. Regardless of denomination, Reach Australia is glad to serve church leaders from across Australia including Presbyterian, independent evangelical, Reformed, Baptist, Anglican and others who affirm our biblical convictions.

We long to encourage and equip gospel ministers to become spiritually vibrant, theologically driven, evangelistically urgent, practically skilled leaders, and to lead churches that also display these attributes. Our framework outlines five key gospel convictions that lie behind everything we do. Our key principles run like a thread through the cohort programs we run for church leaders; they’re the basis for the consulting we do with churches. You’ll find that we theme our conference around these ideas. Read the Reach Australia Framework ebook.

The aim of the Team Development Program is to create a network that you both benefit from and where you can bless others. This can take many forms, but could include being trained as a coach, praying regularly, financially giving, and being willing to share your experiences with others.

Many participants testify that being connected with a group of leaders from around the country and across denominational lines who share a similar heart of urgency for the lost has been deeply refreshing and encouraging. We hope the network persists for many decades, stirring leaders towards healthy, evangelistic and multiplying churches.

Reach Australia is driven by a passion to see Australia won for Christ. The Team Development Program is a huge investment, backed by generous patrons, who contribute substantially to keeping the price of the program affordable. If money is a blockage hindering your church’s involvement in the program, please be in touch. We’d love to have a conversation about what you’re able to contribute, partnering with you and others in providing the assistance you might need.

We’re committed to making the program available to teams around Australia. Please reach out to us if there are a few churches in one location who would like to do the program together.

Head to the Leadership Development Program webpage to read stories from senior leaders of the impact the program has had in churches around Australia.