Church Consulting

When was the last time you stopped to ask the hard questions about your church?

We’re here to work with you and your team to give you a consulting experience that helps bring about healthy, biblical, & evangelistic change in your church. We provide comprehensive church consults that include a thorough analysis of your church, give you a picture of your current health, and help identify pathways for growth into the future.

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Consulting that makes a difference

Our consulting process has been designed from the ground up to ensure that the output actually makes a difference to your church in your context. We take the time to understand your church inside-out, and help you work through the results in relationship.

Our consult team take the time to understand your church and your context

Andrew Heard

Senior pastor of EV Church on NSW Central Coast

Greg Lee

Senior pastor of Hunter Bible Church in Newcastle.

Scott Sanders

Director of Reach Australia.

Mike Sams

Church planter and Reach Australia consultant.

Bruce Bennett

Senior pastor of Orange Evangelical Church.

Dave Keun

Minister and Reach Australia consultant.

We've got a range of consulting options to address your needs directly:

What’s covered in this type of consult?

What is the current health of church? Where are barriers to growth? What next steps should we take in making disciples? This consult is our comprehensive review of church to assist in identifying current health, strengths and growth areas.


  • Secret guest visit/survey.
  • Consult with key leadership and staff.
  • Written report
  • 3 month coaching.
  • Access to all RA online resources with specific resources recommended.

Cost: $3,500

Considering MultiSite? Take the time to take stock of your current landscape

Deciding to go MultiSite isnt a small decision. We’ve got a team that have helped churches navigate the decision for going MultiSite and can help your church too.
We’ll help you grasp the history behind the MultiSite movement, the shifts that have taken place, how it has been implemented locally with case studies, and the key considerations as to why you should or shouldn’t consider MultiSite for your context.

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