Deep in the Word and Loving God: A Case Study into the Providence Churches

Do your gatherings bleed Bible? Are you making the most of your regular gatherings to be deep in the Word? How do we be intentional about getting our people deep in the word through singing, prayer, preaching, and its overflow into our weeks and lives. We will use the Providence churches in Perth as a case study to help us consider how context, convictions, culture, and people can lead to a variety of ways to go Deep in the Word together.

Paul Young

Providence Baywater, Senior Pastor Paul lived in Perth most of his life but did not grow up in a ‘Christian’ family. His faith started when he came to grips with the grace of God and the forgiveness in Jesus. God was big enough to handle his doubts, of which he had plenty. Paul failed at professional golf, which led him to become a social worker and, eventually, a pastor. After some time studying theology on the East Coast and serving in other church startups, he is now back in Perth with Providence Bayswater.