Song Selection and Service Planning for Large Gatherings (150+)

We all long and pray for our church services to be overflowing with people coming to know Jesus and growing together in him.  But growth in numbers and scale brings its own particular opportunities and challenges as we seek to magnify God, shepherd his people and present the hope and joy we have in Jesus to the lost.  This workshop will present some key areas and aspects of large church services – in our singing together, service planning and leading, production and community life – to give deliberate and ongoing attention to, and will discuss some practical ways that we’re attempting to do this at EV.

Andrew Hayes

Trevor Hodge

EV Church, Magnification Pastor

Trevor has been involved in leading and training music and magnification ministries in churches and conferences for almost 30 years. He has written songs that have been sung in churches across Australia and beyond. He currently heads up the Magnification team at EV Church, serving with over 150 volunteers to help nurture means and moments every week for the church to make much of God.  Trevor is married to Fiona and has two (almost!) teenage boys.