What kind of church could you start?

Find out which church planting model might suit you by doing the Church Planter Questionnaire.


Evaluate your strengths and areas for growth, and understand how they map to different church planting models. We need healthy, gospel-centred leaders to lead God’s people in this mission.

Understand your ministry style suitability across 11 competencies

These include DNA carrier, organisationally gifted, mediator, patient strategist, entrepreneur, networker, gatherer, implementer, team player, resilient entrepreneur and change agent.

From there, we’ll help you consider how these leadership competencies might fit with different church planting models.

Talk through your results

This is a self-assessment, not a final judgement! It’s designed to create self-awareness and a conversation with those you’re doing ministry with.

Your honest evaluation will be confidential and will help equip you to be the best possible leader for your church plant. We’ll give you a the option of doing a 30 minute debrief call to go through your results and help you work out some next steps.

Do the Gospel Worker Questionnaire first

Doing both questionnaires will unveil your areas for growth in gospel work.

Take 15 minutes to assess your strengths and areas for growth in ministry.

Get feedback on your spiritual vibrancy, theological drive, emotional intelligence, gospel vision, courageous shepherding, evangelistic urgency, and effective overseeing.

Prepare yourself for effective leadership in your church.

Got questions?

Yes, do both questionnaires to get the fullest picture of your strengths and areas to grow. Doing both will take about 30 minutes.

This questionnaire is primarily for people who might potentially lead a church plant, but everyone is welcome to fill it out.

Yes, church planter spouses and high level volunteers will find it helpful to get insights into how they’re wired.

Someone on the Reach Australia staff team.