The One Thing 345: Why You Might Be Breaking the Law: Music Copyright For Churches

Have you ever noticed the bits of writing at the end of the song you are singing? It should included the acronym CCLI. Christian Copyright Licensing International does not police the law in copyright, but is there to serve the church in making sure we adhere to the laws well and serve our musician brothers and sisters. Bhavani Marks visits us to talk about:

  • What you need to pay copyright licensing for and who do you need to pay it to.
  • This can include: playing songs, playing music in the foyer, live streaming, movies and clips of movies, etc.
  • Reporting and licensing can be an administrative pain, but it is important act of love and obedience.
  • Other tools that CCLI provides like Songselect.
  • How and when churches should be reporting and why it matters to CCLI (and song writers).

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