Thousands of healthy & growing churches across Australia.

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“We’ve grown so much that we’ve planted a new church down the road. So many people are coming to Christ.”

Reach Australia worked with Dubbo Church to provide some much needed clarity to their vision and helped turn their Church around.

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New churches reach new people.

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Wondering if you could plant a church that reaches new people?
We're just scratching the surface of what Australia desperately needs.
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Through 120+ new churches, more than 5,000 people have come to Jesus.

Established churches that thrive with healthy leaders.

Leadership Development

A 2 year comprehensive leadership development program that will equip, connect and inspire you to grow a healthy, evangelistic, multiplying church.

Church Consulting

When was the last time you stopped to ask the hard questions about your church? Pause and take stock for what’s ahead with a church consult.

Coaching & Supervision

We provide monthly coaching with a trained coach to help you implement change in your own ministry as well as throughout your church.

We're just scratching the surface of what needs to be done. We need your support.

We need your support to continue the work we do. Without the support of partners, we’re not able to keep supporting new churches to reach new people across the country. We don’t want money to be the limiting factor for Gospel growth in Australia. Find out how your generous giving might multiply disciples around our nation.

There’s three ways you can partner with us. Learn more and take action today: