The One Thing 336: How to Give Effective Feedback

Feedback is an essential part of developing people in ministry. We need to know how to do it well. Here are some tips for giving good, effective feedback:

  • Using a tool called the SBI tool
  • Being clear on the purpose, people, place, timing, tone and followup of feedback
  • Making sure we are clear on the purpose of feedback: to make people better
  • Making sure feedback is part of our culture, therefore it should go both ways
  • Being aware of where is the best place to give feedback
  • Making sure our tone and body language is aligned in feedback
  • Feedback is not a one-off event but requires followup


SBI Tool: Remember: Situation, Behaviour, Impact

Wisdom in Leadership by Craig Hamilton (See especially, Chapters 39 & 77)

Craig Hamilton on the Reach Australia Podcast

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