Reach Australia Podcast 1.6 Praise and Encouragement (On Leadership with Craig Hamilton)

On Leadership is a super-series produced by Reach Australia on key leadership skills for the pastor or ministry worker. Each episode Craig Hamilton, author of Wisdom In Leadership helps us dig into some key leadership principles for your ministry team. This episode digs into how to create a culture of encouragement amongst your team.


Wisdom in Leadership,Praise and encouragement (pages 183-186). Also chapter 34 ‘Failing Forwards’.

Some examples of positive affirmation:Some suggestions forwhat team leadersmight say to keep someone’s eyes on who they’re serving, whileaffirming and encouraging them in thework they’vedone:

  • “You did that really well”
  • “It was great you were able to do that”
  • “I thought you did a good job”
  • “I thank God for what you did/do /keep doing”
  • “I am grateful to God for how he keeps using you”
  • “Hey! Well done. That was good.”
  • “I think you made a real difference there”
  • “You put so much into that – I think it was really appreciated by…”
  • “Hey – good idea. God is using you to make an impact here”

Building Teams coursegreat short video from Cathie Heard on giving feedback.

Some examples of giving feedback…

  • “What I just saw you do is…[positive affirmation here]”
  • Using phrases like “I might suggest [a change in act/direction/practice]…”
  • “If you were to do that, how would that look?”.

Reflection exercise:write onepage identifying the key principles around giving feedback, as well as some examples of how team leaders can integrate this into their leadership rhythms.Make sure you give examples of how to deliver positive AND negative feedback in a helpful and constructive way.