The One Thing 335: Silent Congregations: Exploring the Unspoken Barriers to Providing Feedback

Feedback is such an important part of the culture of a growing church. Why don't we do it? Recently, we received some feedback in the Reach Australia resource library that we needed some new tools on feedback so welcome to the next few weeks as we look at the idea of feedback.

Why do we not give feedback?

  • We have had some back experiences with feedback
  • We are worried what it will do to the relationship
  • We think people can't or won't change
  • We are worried that we think we are not the expert
  • We don't think feedback is important
  • We don't love people enough to give them feedback

How do I stop Personal Preferences Coming In?

  • Regular Feedback
  • Importance for introverts getting feedback

When should we not give feedback?

  • When I am in a heightened emotional state
  • Depending on the level of experience
  • Depending on the level of trust
  • Knowing yourself and when it is a good time

Importance in training

  • 70:20:10 guideline


Harvard Business Review book on Feedback.

Manager Tools Website (Including One on One Forms)

“Can I just give you some feedback?”


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