The One Thing 329: What Is The Reach Australia Network Celebrating?

Last week we looked at how important it is to celebrate in ministry. This week we do something a little different and talk about what we, in the Reach Australia Network have to celebrate:

  • The National Conference in May, and the encouragement it was to see so many people in the room and the great things they took away to learn to be better at community.
  • New church plants that have launched this year.
  • The new Team Development Program and the help that gospel teams work together better.
  • The Leadership Development Program and consults as people learn to be more effective leaders.
  • Reach Australia Sundays for people to learn more about the network
  • Women in Leadership Network being started this year to encourage women in Christian leadership.

But above all, we are really thankful for being a part of a great network of gospel workers.

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