The One Thing 340: What St Faith’s Changed To See People Converted

Mission is one of those things that seems to get dropped off the agenda when churches start for the year. We talk with Marcus Druitt from St Faiths Narrabeen on the Sydney Northern Beaches about what he has found to be the effective elements of a conversion engine. In this episode we discuss:

  • The important contexts of a conversion engine: including the mission funnel, and the wider ministry ecosystem.
  • That more effective gospel presentations are often home grown or adapted for context

  • However, there are some great presentations out there: Alpha, Christianity Explored, Olive Tree Media, NUA

  • It is important to contextualise

  • Some Advice: use something that is already there to keep the ball rolling. To write your own, homegrown one, start with one presentation and then alter it according to what worked and what didn’t work.

  • In all this: the teacher teaches, the Spirit convicts, the Christians witnesses around the tables.

  • The key thing is understand the underlying principles, understanding the underlying convictions of the gospel and adapt that into your context


Nua (It means “new” in Irish) from Scripture Union

Mission ebook

How is Mission Going?

21.1 A New Mission Season

21.2 Conviction and Confidence: Banging the Mission Drum

21.3 Competence and Connections

21.4 Conversion Engine

21.5 Follow Up to the Conversion Engine

21.6 Awareness and Connection Events


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