The One Thing 339: Personalising Feedback

God has made us all different.  We need to keep this mind when we do the whole thing of feedback: experience, personality, gender, cultural background and their role.

We need to be:

  • Thinking about the relationships around us and getting to know the people we need to give feedback to
  • Caring personally and challenging radically leads to good feedback
  • Making sure that people know their role so they know what they are supposed to be doing, but personalising it to “where are you?” and “where should you be?”
  • Keeping mind some people need to be challenged and some people need to be encouraged
  • Keeping mind some people are sensitive and some people need be given more clear feedback
  • Thinking about the importance and challenges of cross gender feedback
  • Considering different cultures and how they give and receive feedback
  • Reflecting on real delegation and roles.
  • Remembering that different people have different emotional responses to feedback 


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