The One Thing 337: How to Receive Feedback as a Gospel Worker

It's one thing getting feedback, but what about receiving and looking for feedback. We continue our series on feedback. In this episode we look at

  • Look for feedback means you will be more open to receiving it.
  • As a leader you create a culture of feedback when you ask for it.
  • Keep mind who you are asking feedback from: their role, experience and authority.
  • When receiving feedback notice your own emotional state and ask for time to revisit the conversation if needed.
  • Dig into specifics, remember your SBI from previous episodes
  • When you receive feedback you don't agree with, process it with people you trust about it.


Previous Episodes:

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Ask for some feedback “Can I get some Feedback on this?”

Three questions for sermon feedback:

1. “What was the most memorable point (or part) of my sermon?”
2. “What action are you supposed to take?”
3. “What, if anything, made you tune out?”


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