The One Thing 319: When Your Church Has 30 Different Cultures

In August 2021:

  • there were 3.0 million permanent migrants in Australia who arrived since 2000
  • India was the top country of birth among permanent migrants (439,700 people)
  • 59% of permanent migrants were Australian citizens (1.8 million people)
  • 89% of permanent migrants reported being proficient in English (2.7 million people).

How do we think about this as churches? Jo sits down with Paul Webb from Chester Hill Anglican Church to talk about the church he and his wife serve in. In a church of 150 people they have 30 different cultures and more than 30 languages.


Richard Hibbert is a key person who has helped Paul think through cross culture:

Leading Multicultural Teams by Evelyn and Richard Hibbert

Other papers by Richard Hibbert

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