The One Thing 315: How Do I Organise My Preaching Program for the Year?

It’s the time of year where we need to start planning 2024! Derek talks to Des Smith from Trinity Church Lockleys about how to plan out a preaching series:

  • Is it the role of the senior minster or is this something that can be delegated?
  • What are the principles we need when planning out a series and why smaller passages might be better?
  • Why seasons of the year and genres of books matter when planning out series.
  • Des will take us though his preaching plan for 2024 and why he did what he did
  • What happens when we don’t plan?
  • How tight we should hold to our plans?
  • How our plan affects other aspects of church?
  • Why outputs should be guiding our plan?


Des’ 2024 Plan (which might change!):

    • Jan: Psalms
    • February/ March: Book of Acts
    • April: Is Anybody Out There? (God’s Revelation)
    • May: Ruth
    • June: Job
    • July: The Doctrine of the Trinity
    • August/ September: Romans
    • Oct: 2 Thessalonians/ What Should I Do With My Life?
    • November/ December: Book of Numbers

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