The One Thing 313: What Should I Be Thinking About In Term Four?

Term 4 is not the time to slow down, we have great opportunities in events like Christmas but also planning for 2024. Make sure you are ready to go. You need to ask questions like:

  • How do I make the most of Christmas and more importantly what comes next for people who are interested in finding out more?
  • How are you increasing mission heat leading up to Christmas and in January?
  • Have I planned out 2024?
  • Are you doing ministry audits for what is going on?
  • Are you talking to exisiting and new leaders for next year about their ministries?
  • How are you saying good bye to people who are leaving like student ministers and trainees going to college?
  • Are you transitioning people into different levels of life? Primary to youth? Youth to young adults?
  • Can you take some time away to plan or refresh?


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