Reach Australia Team

We're more than just a staff team - we're a network of churches all across Australia. This is just some of the team spread across Australia to help facilitate the network of churches that is Reach Australia.
There's no order to this page, in-fact each time you load it, you'll see it in a different order.
We're all in the mix to do whatever it takes to Reach Australia with the gospel.
Administrator & Executive Assistant to Scott Sanders
Coach, Coach Trainer and Supervisor
Board Member
Resources and Recruitment Facilitator
Board Chairman
Senior Consultant
Support Raising Manager
Wives Network - Coach Supervision
Director of Plant
Resources & Planting Facilitator
Executive Director
IT Manager
Wives Network - Ministry Support
Coaching Unit Facilitator
Senior Consultant
Coach & Consultant
Church Analyst
Board Member
Church Analyst - Consultations
Events Coordinator & Administrator
Director of the Wives Network
Board Member
Director of Reach Digital
Board Member
Board Member