Resources You Need to Care Better

It can be hard to know where to go for resources in learning how to be a better carer. Here is a list of books, articles, courses and flowcharts that might help you.


  • Jenny Brown and Lauren Errington (2019) Bowen Family Systems Theory in Christian Ministry: Grappling with theory and its application through a biblical lens, The Family Systems Institute & Practice.
  • Jill McGilvray (2009), Godʼs Love in Action, Acorn Press.
  • Nancy Guthrie (2016) What Grieving People Wish You Knew About What Really Helps (and What Really Hurts), Crossway.
  • Scott Mehl (2020) Loving Messy People: The Messy Art of Helping One Another Become More Like Jesus, Shepherd Press
  • John Patton (2005) Pastoral Care the Essential Guide, Abingdon Press.
  • Phil Ryken (2012) Loving the Way Jesus Loves, Crossway.
  • Sally Sims (2016) Together Through the Storm: A Practical Guide to Christian Care (second edition going to print in early June), Matthias Media.
  • David Switzer (2000) Pastoral Care Emergencies, Fortress Press.
  • Paul David Tripp (2002) Instruments in the Redeemerʼs Hands, P & R Publishing.
  • Ed Welch (2015) Side by Side – Walking With Others in Wisdom and Love, Crossway.
  • Ed Welch (2018), Caring for One Another, Crossway.
  • Dr Louise Gosbell, Everyone Welcome: Accessible Church for All, Sydney Diocese





These are examples you might want to use for your own flowcharts.

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