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Season 7 Reach All Of Australia (Cross-Cultural Ministry)

If we’re serious about reaching Australia, we need to give serious consideration to the particulars of multicultural and cross-cultural ministry. Hosted by Adam Ch’ng, Iggy Wong and Peter Luu.

Honour/shame has been a dominant framework for missiologists in recent years, but Dan Wu (lecturer at Moore Theological College) offers some nuances to the discussion.

Ying Yee says that ‘ministry is all about learning to survive and thrive and change the world from a cage’. Ying has had extensive experience in ministry at Chinese Christian Church Milsons Point.

How do you run a missional church with so many cultures side-by-side? Paul Webb discussed language difficulties and cultural misunderstandings.

Eugene Hor discusses the diversity underlying his ABC-focussed church.

Steve Oh discusses the specifics of reaching Korean Australians.

Gary Koo is a bishop in the Anglican Church. He chats with Peter Luu about the role of denominations in reaching cross cultural Australia.

Derek shares his reflections on reaching Australia, drawing on his experiences overseas in SE Asia. Derek is the new principal of Sydney Missionary and Biblical College.

Season 6 Mission Through Your Church

Many churches start out with mission at the centre, but how do you keep mission the main thing as your church matures? Dave Jensen discusses the story behind Multicultural Bible Ministries South West church plant, led by Grant Borg. 

What if you had a blank slate to do mission through the church? That’s the situation that Elliot Temple found himself in a Christchurch St Ives. Pay attention particularly to Elliot’s fourfold framework as a mission pastor:
Run the reaping (18:25​)
Steer the ship (24:00​)
Coach the keen (38:00​)
Shepherd the sheep (43:00​)

As a good friend of the Reach Australia network, Richard Coekin gives an outsider’s perspective on mission in Australia. Tom Heasman works as the mission pastor at Richard’s church (Dundonald Church) and explores the ins and outs of reaching a large city with the gospel.

Is an evangelistic course right for your church? How often would you run one? How would you promote it? What if you’ve run one and it hasn’t been working? Jordan Peterson from Port Macquarie and Josh Lean from Brisbane chat with Dave Jensen about the ins and outs of evangelistic courses in the church.

After offering his own story, Andrew Heard reflects on how to Reach Australia. Highlights include the theological discussion of human responsibility, inputs and outputs centred around Acts 14:1, as well as the various myths that churches believe and practice around mission. 

Rico Tice speaks frankly about the realities of heaven and hell, honest evangelism and church programming that leads to salvations. There is much to glean from his experience in England for our experience in Australia.

Mid-year holiday programs, teaching grace not works, celebrating children saying YES to Jesus, raising teams, partnering with parents…Sandy Galea from Kidswise discusses her own story of coming to faith as a child and gives a look behind the curtain of the kids ministry she has been running.

What does a mission-shaped church calendar look like? Luther Symons explains Hope Anglican’s approach to year-long mission. Look out for a different approach to Friday night youth group, community carols, evangelistic courses (Fresh Look), adult baptisms and the need for more new churches to reach new people.

Season 5 Pastoring And The Church Ecosystem

What are your church’s high level outcomes? What does a ‘made’ disciple look like? How is church like an ecosystem? What are the purposes of your church?

What is your current discipleship pathway? Is it intentional? A discipleship pathway ‘exists in every church but isn’t always acknowledged’. 

What is the difference between congregational pastoring and pastoring in teams? What difference would team pastoring make in your church?

Is team pastoring just for big churches? Isn’t this all too corporate? Where is the love? Who does the pastoring? Isn’t pastoring all about teaching the Bible?

Should churches measure? What should a church measure? What are the most important metrics to keep in an ecosystem approach to church? 

How can your church transition to an ecosystem approach? What’s involved in switching models? 

Season 4 On Leadership

Season 3 COVID

Season 2 Andrew Heard on Church Ecosystem during COVID-19

Season 1 On Leadership with Craig Hamilton

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