Reach Australia Podcast 13.2 The Story Of An Australian Church Merger (with Antony Barraclough)

Antony Barraclough walks us through the details of his church’s merger, the ups and downs, resulting gospel growth and what he wishes he’d known before he started. Drawn from the book ‘Better Together’ (Tomberlin and Bird). If you’d like to talk with Scott and Peter about a church merger consultation, reach out to us at

To see the official documentation (Variation of Trusts and Amendment Ordinance 2021), click here.

To see the actual timeline documentation, click here.

0:00 The options

10:30 The details

16:00 change management

19:00 implications

21:40 has it been successful?

23:40 complexities

25:20 name change

26:30 Antony’s motivations

29:00 possible, feasible, desirable

33:20 partnership

35:35 mistakes

38:30 future plans

40:00 approaching a potential merger church

41:45 pastors in smaller churches

46:25 leadership pipeline

47:50 prayer

48:50 pride and humility