Impact Report '21

We support church leaders to start & grow thriving churches.

We're so grateful to God for what he has helped us achieve in 2021.

Despite the challenges that COVID has delivered across the network, we have seen new churches started plus established church leaders participate in our programs. Our desire is to see new people won for God’s kingdom and people grow up in the knowledge and love of Jesus.

All across our network of churches, we’re seeing people come to know Jesus as Lord.

Here’s a quick story from Yuki:

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How have we impacted the Australian church scene?

In 2021, we have helped 7 new churches start and have seen 36 church leaders complete our development program.



Church Planter Assessments

We have assessed more than 180 potential church planters.

Planters Actively Coached

There are more than 64 church planters being coached.

Church & Online Consults

We’ve conducted over 20 in-person church consults.

Established Leaders Coached

There are 65 established church leaders getting coached.

Church Leaders in Cohorts

52 church leaders currently in a development cohort.


Why is planting vital?

Firstly, new churches are more effective at reaching new people. There is a focus of purpose, drive and opportunity in church plants that allows them to reach new groups of people that existing churches might struggle to reach.
Secondly, new churches are incubators for new models of evangelism, ministry and leaders. While there is more uncertainty in church planting, there is also more opportunity to try new things. Some of these things may fail, but some take root and find their way into the ecosystem of the wider church, refreshing and renewing how we engage the lost with Jesus, while holding firm to an eternal truth.

We love partnering with our church planters to see new people reached with the gospel.

Here’s a quick story from Paul at Kingsway Evanglical Church:

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Despite COVID, we've seen 7 new churches launch in 2021.

Join us in praying thanks to God for his graciousness in seeing new churches started despite a global pandemic!