Reach Australia Podcast 24.12 Passionate Hearts for God: Crafting Services to Serve and Shape a Loving Community (Andrew Hayes, Charles Cleworth and Liv Chapman) | Workshop | 2023 Reach Australia National Conference

How does a loving community worship God together?

Charles Cleworth takes us through how community should shape what we do on a Sunday as a church. Especially thinking through how to do the following elements effect what we do from the front?

  1. People
  2. Posture
  3. Prayer
  4. Praise
  5. Pathway
  6. Participation
  7. Preaching
  8. Profile
  9. Place

Liv Chapman addresses the idea of music and singing together.

  1. Why Do We Sing?
  2. What Should We be Singing?
  3. How Do We Sing Well?

Andrew Hayes encourages us to use teams to develop Sunday services.

  1. Good Service Leading
  2. Ministries that don't fit teams
  3. Long term and Week to Week Planning


Slides from the Workshop

Example Run Sheets from

Grace City

Vine Church

EV Church

Point Out Process from EV church

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