Tools to Help You Plan to Plan

The man who fails to plan is the man who plans to fail, as they say. The irony of planning is that you need to plan to plan. You need to set aside time, and you need to have a plan to start thinking about what you need to do, and often that means stopping to think about where you need to start.  

Here are some tools that will help you think through planning:


Now, Where, How

One of the key tools of planning is understanding where you are Now, Where you want to be and How you are going to get there. There are a few things to help understand this  Now, Where, How tool: 


God's Plan and Ours

Of course we need to plan around God’s plan.  This year’s Reach Australia National Conference speaker, Ray Galea, has three thought provoking articles published on our the The Gospel Coalition Australia website.  

Ray reflects on:

Planning for Change

Part of planning may involve change. Leading people through those changes is an essential skill of leadership and planning.