The One Thing Podcast

Welcome to The One Thing – a podcast designed to give you one solid, practical tip for Gospel-centred ministry, every week. Scott Sanders is the Executive Director of Reach Australia, aiming to grow thousands of healthy, evangelistic and multiplying churches. Derek Hanna leads the Australian church planting network that’s been starting fresh works for the Kingdom for the past 10 years. Together they’ll tell you what you need to know about a crucial ministry topic that’s relevant to your context – all in 15 minutes. Be energised and equipped for ministry.

Latest Episodes:

The One Thing 344: Does Australia Need Another Church Management Platform?

Australia has seen a number of church management platforms. Do we need another one? ChurchSuite (an online management system built in the UK) is coming[...]

The One Thing 343: The Great Name Tag Debate

Vine Church uses name tags, Hunter Bible Church does not. In this episode Toby Neal (Vine Church) and Dave Moore (Hunter Bible Church) face off in[...]

The One Thing 342: Short Evangelistic Books: Useful or Useless?

Are Christian books still a powerful tool for evangelism? Rory Baxter has been publishing books as cheap as he can, to get them into the[...]

The One Thing 341: About Growth And Change By Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard has a new book out, Growth and Change. Over the coming weeks we will be posting some conversations that Jo and Scott had[...]

The One Thing 340: What St Faith’s Changed To See People Converted

Mission is one of those things that seems to get dropped off the agenda when churches start for the year. We talk with Marcus Druitt[...]

The One Thing 339: Personalising Feedback

God has made us all different.  We need to keep this mind when we do the whole thing of feedback: experience, personality, gender, cultural background and[...]

The One Thing 338: Enhancing Your Team’s Success With Rhythms of Feedback

Feedback needs to be something that is a regular thing, but it also needs some formal rhythms of review. Importance of regular reviews for staff[...]

The One Thing 337: How to Receive Feedback as a Gospel Worker

It's one thing getting feedback, but what about receiving and looking for feedback. We continue our series on feedback. In this episode we look at[...]

The One Thing 336: How to Give Effective Feedback

Feedback is an essential part of developing people in ministry. We need to know how to do it well. Here are some tips for giving[...]

The One Thing 335: Silent Congregations: Exploring the Unspoken Barriers to Providing Feedback

Feedback is such an important part of the culture of a growing church. Why don't we do it? Recently, we received some feedback in the[...]

The One Thing 334: Making Ministry More Effective With AI Innovations

We continue our exploration into how AI can help us in ministry. In this episode we go beyond CHATGPT to look at marketing, writing and[...]

The One Thing 333: How Should We Think About AI Helping Me In Ministry?

AI has become an phenomena in the world. We're exploring how something like CHATGPT can be useful for ministry and where it cannot be substituted[...]