The One Thing Episode #21 – The life-cycle of the team

This week on ‘The One Thing’, we’re going to look at the Life-Cycle of the Team – how they start out, the stages they’re likely to move through, and what you have to be ready for, before they really get going.

To help us with that, we’ve got a real team guru to join us at the microphone – EV Church’s Ministry Pastor, Rhett Harris. He’s had a huge amount to do with founding, fomenting and finalising teams over the years … and he’s here to share his hard-won lessons, plus THE ONE THING we need to know about our own teams.
The Building Teams course on Church In A Box Online.  (Discount/Promo code: BTTOT025)

An article explaining The Tuckman Stages of Group Development, supplied by the ToolsHero website

Also, a Salvation Army hand-out PDF showing the Tuckman stages as a flow chart, and graphed for easy understanding, for use with your teams

Google’s Re:Work site on what makes for a great team

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