The One Thing Episode 145 – Timeless Church Staffing Rules (Part 2)

Is it better to staffing a congregation or staff a portfolio? When would you hire a full timer and when would you hire a part timer? What should we be looking for in a staff member? Is it better to hire internally or externally? Listen to the final staffing episode in the series from The One Thing.


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  • Guideline 1 The second staff person to be hired should be a person who balances the gifts and talents of the senior pastor.
  • Guideline 2 The second person to be hired should fill one of the roles on the nomothetic portion of the staffing grid.
  • Guideline 3 The third staff person to be hired should fill one of the idiographic roles.
  • Guideline 4 The remaining staff positions should be alternated between the nomothetic roles and the idiographic roles to preserve balance in the overall ministry. Thus if a third staff member is hired to fill an idiographic position, the next staff person should be hired to fill a position on the nomothetic line.
  • Guideline 5 The staff positions on the nomothetic grid line provide the most benefit to a church’s overall growth potential.