The One Thing 343: The Great Name Tag Debate

Vine Church uses name tags, Hunter Bible Church does not. In this episode Toby Neal (Vine Church) and Dave Moore (Hunter Bible Church) face off in a debate about whether name tags are helpful in church. 

Arguments for:

  • Community: They can help people connect as addressing people by name helps with relational interactions
  • Follow up: Having a check in process helps to get new people's contact details and helps with the followup process after Sunday
  • Pastoral care: Name tags can be used to see attendance and help reach out to people if they aren’t turning up to church

Arguments against:

  • It adds a step of complexity to people coming into church
  • If you train a good welcoming team, you don’t need name tags
  • It can make church feel like a corporate event when it should be a relational environment


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