Multiplication Days

Leaders in our network connecting to accelerate planting, revitalising and repotting.

The Reach Australia network is working and praying towards seeing 300 new churches planted by 2030, alongside the hundreds of established churches in our network. We’ve seen 129 churches planted currently, so there’s a way to go.

If we’re going to reach our suburbs, cities and regions with the gospel, we’re not going to be able to do it alone. We’re trying to pull the network (and friends) together to pray, plot and plan for how we can work towards a resurgence of planting, repotting and revitalisations. We’ll:

1. Spend some time looking at broad trends (population growth, socio-demographic changes etc.) across your region (see below) into the future;

2. Discuss a framework for what churches need to consider as they move towards multiplication (whether that’s 2 years or 10 years);

3. Connect potential planters with potential sending churches;

4. Pray together for our areas, each other’s ministries, and the lost across Australia. 

This day is about leaders across our network and regions connecting together to accelerate the impact of the gospel in the places we live and minister.  We realise the locations (this year) are only in the city centres, but as part of the day, for those who register we’ll provide a snapshot for your particular area to sharpen our discussion.  We want to come out of this day with a greater sense of the urgency, need, places and pathways towards multiplication.

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9.30am-1.30am Friday 10 November

$40 to cover room hire & lunch


9.30am-1.30am Friday 17 November

$40 to cover room hire & lunch


9.30am-1.30am – Friday 24 November

$40 to cover room hire & lunch


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