Leadership Pipeline

Find out how your current leadership pipeline is going by doing the Leadership Pipeline Questionnaire.

Your ‘leadership pipeline’ is the structure that helps produce a continuous flow of gospel-centered leaders who will serve the local church and be sent into the mission field.

We are finding that churches that pay attention to some key principles in leadership pipeline development are seeing more healthy leaders made, increased support from layers of leadership, and flourishing teams focused on making mature disciples in increasing numbers.

Want to learn more?

See how your leadership pipeline is going based on principles drawn from the ebook

We have put together a 10-15 min questionnaire to help you get a sense of how your leadership pipeline is going at your church. 

This is a self-assessment, not a final judgement. We hope it might stimulate some helpful conversation with you and your teams.

Got questions?

Yes! Although you might also want to read the ebook after to explore the leadership pipeline more. The questionnaire results will also help you to know which parts of the ebook can help with different areas of focus.

Ideally someone on the staff team at a church, or in the senior leadership team. Some of the questions may be tricky to answer if you don’t have a good sense of what’s going on across your whole church. 

We are hoping to have some webinars later in 2024 to explore leadership pipelines some more with people who would like to join. If you do the questionnaire we will keep you in the loop with more details.