Leadership Pipeline Ebook

Learn how to build a leadership pipeline in your church

This book is designed to provide you with a framework to develop mature, godly leaders who can serve your local church’s mission, meeting the gospel needs not only in Australia but also worldwide.

What's inside

– Understanding leadership
– Taking responsibility and delegation
– Biblical evidence for leadership development
– Identifying areas of need
– Forecasting needs
– The connection between accountability and results
– Crafting effective training content
– A well-structured calendar plan

About Rhett

“After 20 years I now only work part time at EV Church (Central Coast, NSW). Iʼve started working part time at Reach Australia. Why? Because Iʼm convinced that this leadership pipeline is one of the greatest things to do to help us reach Australia. Like many, I have always known leadership mattered from my ministry apprenticeship onwards. But particularly in the last 13 years as EV grew its leadership pipeline (through all the ups and downs you would expect!) … so many times when weʼve needed a leader, and were desperate, we had one! Under God, we had given ourselves to this work and time and time again it got us out of a jam. I thought: every church needs this leadership development, this pipeline. Both for the health of the local church and because we must send out gospel workers for the nation.” – Rhett

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