Planting Prospectus

Places identified in Australia that need new churches.

Australia needs Jesus

The opportunity to share the gospel with people from all over the world is greater than ever. There are nations coming here, some people who might never have encountered a Christian or church community that centres on the gospel. We need to seize the opportunity for God’s kingdom.

This Planting Prospectus has two goals. The first is to drive you to prayer for the needs and opportunities across the country for the gospel, and the need for new churches to reach those people.  The second is about planting a seed in your heart that might make you ask: Could I plant? Could I be part of a plant? What part could I play in reaching Australia for Jesus?

Church leadership training at whiteboard and image of people walking into a church in Australia

Next Steps

Reach out & have a chat

As we think about the next 150 church plants, the biggest challenge is not the need or finding the opportunities – it’s finding those who will say “I’ll go”.  We don’t want this Planting Prospectus to be information to read and discard.  We want it to move your hearts to pray for the lost in the areas we’ve spoken about.  And for some of you, we want it to move your hearts to consider, “Should I start a church in order to see people’s eternities changed?”

If you want to begin to explore that question, we want to talk to you. Reach out and we’ll find a time to sit down and talk about how we can partner with you.

Submit a Planting Opportunity


How much does it cost to plant a church?

It costs around $3,000 per year to support a church planting couple through the training they need to start a new church and lead through to viability. 

We don’t ask our planters to pay for any of it. For over 15 years, God’s people from across Australia have financially partnered with planters to help them focus on the task at hand – evangelising this church into existence.

Just as the Philippians partnered with Paul to see the gospel go out, we’d love you to invite you to partner with church planters across Australia, prayerfully and financially.

We’d love to connect with you around the opportunities. Whether it be supporting the training of coaches for church planters, helping them be able to attend bootcamp, removing the cost for marriage retreats – there’s any number of ways you can partner with church plants and planters across Australia.

Got questions?

The Reach Australia network is made up of over 260+ churches from over 12 denominations. We are a national, reformed and evangelical movement with shared convictions. Our vision is for a nation-wide network of church leaders working together to reach Australia. We are so much better together and to reach Australia for Christ.

The Reach Australia network is made up of over 260 churches of different sizes and structures from over 12 denominations.