10 Reach Australia Videos to Equip You for Ministry

1. 5 Big Things by Andrew Heard

Been to National Conference and don’t understand why people keep banging on about ‘ecosystems’ and ‘building responsibility’? Get clarity on the five big foundations (or ‘5 big things’) that underpin Reach Australia’s framework. 

2. Where Could You Plant A Church?

This video is part 3 of a 25 landmark play-by-play of how to plant a church. Send every potential planter you know a subtle hint by sharing this playlist with them (ministry apprentices, Bible college students, friends in ministry, or even … *cough* send it to yourself).

3. Leading A Church Towards Serving Others

Why can it feel like 10% of people in church are doing 100% of the work? Get the lowdown on scaling teams, recruiting, helping people serve, building healthy and functioning teams, developing leaders and adding support structures.

4. Serve Yearly Calendar

Take a quick look at how MBM Church plans their year and the key metrics they track in the ‘serve’ area.

5. It's More Nuanced Than Honour/Shame

It’s often claimed that Asian cultures are honour/shame cultures, Western cultures are guilt/innocence cultures and others are fear/power. Is that a fair distinction? Honour/shame has been a dominant framework for missiologists in recent years. Dan Wu (lecturer at Moore Theological College) offers some nuances to the discussion.

6. Mission in a Small Church

This church plant has 100 members. Get Liam Doyle’s reflections on evangelism in a small church at Lake Mac Church.

7. Missional Kids Ministry

Mid-year holiday programs, teaching grace not works, celebrating children saying YES to Jesus, raising teams, partnering with parents … Sandy Galea gives a look behind the curtain of kids ministry.

8. Culture, Key Principles (Connection, Care, Community) & Ecosystem

7 important questions churches need to ask about community in church, starting with: “To what extent am I the obstacle to people experiencing connection, community and care at our church?”

9. Developing Women Leaders

Cathie Heard and a panel share their experiences in leadership and in mobilising women for ministry.

10. Reaching International Students

St. Lucia Evangelical Church in Brisbane is particularly focussed on reaching international students.