Online Church Consulting

As we face the uncertainty that COVID-19 brings to our churches, rather than surviving a few weeks, you need to turn your attention to planning for the next 90 days. That's what these free 30 minute online consults are all about.

Where do you need help?

We’re in this with you.  We all need help wisely discerning the way forward.

How do you improve online gatherings?

Online Gatherings

You're going to be meeting online for the next few months, so what can you do to improve your large gatherings and small groups? Get guidance on online gatherings.
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What's your 90-day plan?

90 Day Plan

Build a 90-Day plan that gives you and your church confidence to make and mobilize disciples in the midst of social isolation. Deal with practical aspects like staffing changes, finances, technology, etc.
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How do you care for people?

Care Support Planning

When you can't physically meet, how will you change existing pastoral care structures so that all members are cared for. Develop a pastoral care plan for your church.
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How do you make disciples?

Mission Strategy

Are average Australians now more willing to engage with Jesus? What are the new opportunities? Do we cancel or tweak our evangelistic events and courses? Develop a mission strategy for your church.
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"I wasn't sure what to expect going into the online consult but it was fantastic. It really quickly cut through some complex issues and helped me reflect on what we are trying to achieve with our church meetings. I'd thoroughly recommend it."

-Wayne Conner