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Three streams to choose from ...

Each stream will give you the chance to learn not only principles but practical examples from the breadth of the Reach Australia Network. If you’re coming along as a team, you don’t all have to go to the same stream – each individual attendee gets the opportunity to choose for themselves which stream they will go to.

Stream 1

If you've never been
to foundations before.

In Stream 1, we’ll be looking at the theological principles that are foundational to a team pastoring & a growth oriented church. We will look at issues around Gospel passion, mission heat, leadership roles & responsibilities, being outcome focused +  specialisation in church life.

Stream #2

If you have been
to stream #1 before.

In Stream 2, we’ll consider the foundational management and practical expression that flows from the principles in Stream 1. We’ll cover what it looks like to achieve clarity right across the church ecosystem by learning about what it takes to bring about effective and lasting change;  accurately analysing what the current state-of-play is as well as how to run effective teams.

Stream #3

If you have been
to streams #1 and #2 before.

As we seek to reach the whole of Australia with the gospel, it’s important to see both men and women fully equipped and engaged in this task. But we realise in our current cultural context this can be a complex space to navigate. Foundations Stream 3 will explore how to develop healthy and thriving gospel teams, and fully mobilise both men and women within a biblical framework. You’ll hear from ministry teams thinking practically in this space and pick up best practice tools to apply in your own church.