Order a book to help your church members think about how to be a disciple with their money.

For those in our churches, there are constantly competing voices vying for money. Give more. Spend more. Save more. Invest more. What are practical ways to help our church members live according to Jesus' teaching as 21st Century Australian Christians?

God calls us to steward what we've been given and build his kingdom. There are many ways to thoughtfully manage money to reflect our faith. In The Barefoot Disciple, Yoël Frank provides tips for living as a disciple with money. In this easy-to-read book, Yoël explores five practices for developing gospel-shaped money habits: simple living, habitual giving, missional spending, impact investing and wise stewardship.

To start the new year, Yoël is generously donating all sales from his book to Reach Australia to support churches and pastors around the country. When someone in your church purchases a copy the cost will go directly to Reach Australia and support planting and growing churches.

You can order a bundle for your church for people to purchase to help them think differently about how they use their money.

When you order a bundle, you will receive the books in the mail. They will come with a QR code for individuals at your church to scan and donate to pay for the copy. The cost will go directly to helping churches be healthy, evangelistic and multiplying.

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Alternatively, watch the video below to find out more about the five principles explored in The Barefoot Disciple