Help Reach Australia support the planting of 200 new churches across Australia in the next 10 years.

Why support us?

New churches reach new people.

New churches are reaching new people and seeing them saved into God’s kingdom. Statistically, new churches are more effective at reaching new people. And with millions of people across Australia who don’t know Jesus, there is an urgent need to plant more churches across Australia.

Recent Baptisms at Baranduda Community Church

The data that matters:

From the data we’ve collected in the network over the past 10 years, we can see that God has saved more than 3,000 new people into his kingdom in church plants across the country. There’s a correlation between new church plants reaching new people and seeing them come to call Jesus their Lord. If you care about seeing new people in God’s kingdom, planting new churches matters. Help us see more than 5,500 people reached through the planting of 200 more new churches by 2030.

Sow back into the Reach Australia network.

As a church in the Reach Australia network, you know what it looks like for us to partner with planting couples to see new churches started across Australia. Whether it was 2 years ago, or 10 years ago, we still need your support to sow back into our network. That’s why we’re asking our network churches to give $2,000, so that we can see 200 new churches started: 2, for 200.

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Your support is what makes the difference.

There is a significant cost to recruit, assess and strengthen church planters and church planting couples on their journey to starting a thriving church. The math is simple. If each church in the Reach Australia network provides $2,000 then we will cover the cost of planting 200 churches over 10 years. But it won’t happen without a commitment from our churches. Please consider what support you can provide to see thousands reached with the gospel through new churches.